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History of the company

ULKER GROUP company is one of the biggest product producers in the world.

It was founded in 1944. Today, more than 30 000 employees work in the company. The products are imported by 111 countries.


Production capacity of the company it's a hi-tech automatic lines and logistics.


ULKER GROUP company includes:


  • Confectionery enterprises in: Turkey, UAE, Romania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Egypt;
  • Enterprises of vegetable oil processing (soy, olive, palm, sunflower);
  •  Enterprises of milk products processing and producing;
  • Enterprises of refreshment drinks producing;
  • Enterprises of baby food producing; 
  • Enterprises of coffee processing and producing;
  • Enterprises of computer producing.


Nowadays, ULKER GROUP company produces more than 1000 units of patisseries and is one of the ten biggest producers in the world.



In Turkey ULKER GROUP company supplies more than 200 000 of commercial enterprises. ULKER GROUP is one of few in the world that has 3 quality certificates (ISO 9002, HACCP,BRC) in a food industry.

At the moment, "KBF" company began producing of biscuit patisseries (cookies, rolls, snacks etc.) in Kiev. In Ukraine they produce more than 80 items of weighted and packaged products under ULKER and LORD brands.